Monday, June 7, 2010

Private Swaps

While I use the Postcrossing website I also do some private swaps with other people. I have received some great cards. :)

This postcard is from Switzerland. It was the first cow card I ever received and I cannot explain the excitement I had. :D

This postcard was traded for one of my Swedish recipe cards. This one is from Alaska and it teaches you how to make a certain kind of scone :)

This is simply a card from Korea.

This is postcrd from Malaysia. I think this house is very cool.

This postcard is sent from an American who was in Peru. :)

Amersfoort and Italy!

NL- 344093This card is from Amersfoort, Netherlands.

IT- 85346

I have received another cow card! :D They make me most happy, haha. It is from a girl in Italy.

Netherlands, Russia and San Francisco

NL- 340241

This is a postcard from The Netherlands. The senders sister made this postcard. I really like it!

RU- 157417

This is of the Cathedral of Our Lady Kazan in Russia.

BR- 103986

This postcard is from Brazil but of an American monument. This was my first postcard from Brazil... I wish it was actually of Brazil though.

Grand Canyon, PA... Russia and Germany!

US- 697596

The "Grand Canyon" of Pennsylvania. Located near Wellsboro, PA.

RU- 157125

This postcard is from Russia. The sender wrote on the back that this is a Soviet poster for a healthy diet. A thin girl has a good breakfast and the other one has a good dinner. I thought this was a cool postcard.

DE- 595093

This is a postcard from Germany however it's promoting peace with the country Kuwait.