Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Private Swaps

A recipe card from Jamaica.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

New Zealand

A church in Finland.

This postcard is from my boyfriend when he had a layover in New Jersey to catch his flight home. It was mailed from Sweden, however.

London, England!

A postcard from the Philippines.

One of Nolan's first postcards.

Another one of his first cards.

Helsinki and a Cat


Helsinki, Finland!
Nolan's postcard.

DE- 672308

A cat from Germany.
Nolan's postcard.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cow, Port of St. Joseph, Thai Cow, Holland


Port of St. Joseph. Postcard from USA.
Nolan's postcard.

TH- 52456

My first card from Thailand and it's a cow! I love it!

NL- 425338

Another lovely cow card from The Netherlands! :D

NL- 431154

"Holland" The Netherlands
Nolan's postcard.

Doors, Bamberg, Maori, Taihu Lake, Viitasaari

FI- 891281

A postcard from Viitasaari, Finland.

CN- 253534

Taihu Lake, China

NZ- 41953

A Maori family of New Zealand.

DE- 687248

A postcard from Bamberg, Germany.


Doors of Argentina!
Nolan's postcard.

Racoons, Pickle, Dogs, Kansas City, Russia

I have started collecting postcards for my nephew who was born on August 1st, 2010. His name is Nolan and these are cards he has collected so far.


A fun card from Russia.

US- 807866

Country Club in Kansas City.

ES- 84966

Postcard of dogs from Spain.

US- 796980


US- 782618

Cute baby raccoons sent from a nice lady in USA.

Cow, Dog, Church, Butterfly, Moscow

Postcards from the month of June.

NL- 367837

I received another cow postcard from the Netherlands!

SK- 9939

This is a dog card from Slovakia. I'm a bit disappointed it's not a card of Slovakia because I love that country and I am so fascinated with it.

CH- 54900

This is my first card from Switzerland!

US- 727356

Holy Hill, Shrine of Mary

MY- 42072

Butterflies and orchids of Malaysia.

RU- 174780

View of Moscow, Russia.